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Ellese & Co is the premier title focused on resources that support the business and lifestyles on Black Female entrepreneurs and leaders. Our media offerings (interactive/print publications and website) provide fresh perspectives and dynamic actionable solutions through content, training, mentorship, inspiration and community.

The past few months and even more so the past few weeks have forced all of us to examine how we want to show up in the world. When I put out the first issue of Ellese & Co, it was because I was frustrated. I was tired of looking in business magazines and never seeing Black Women. 


Not hearing our stories and getting advice from women how have faced some of the challenges that I have outside of P&L Statements and funnels converting. Hearing from women who look like me that have succeeded despite the odds. 


Our goal is to showcase the expert advice of thought leaders, influencers, business consultants, and professionals, along with the perspectives of leading and emerging voices that want to enhance the lives of Black Women.


We want to invite you to be part of our movement as a contributor to Ellese & Co. We want to help amplify your stories and share your genius with our readers and community. 


Join us. Be the Voice.


Black Women Mean Business – Austin Channing Brown​

The revolutionary road to racial justice happens face-to-face when we dare to ask the hard questions, listen, and then ask them again.” – The Next Question


As Black women, we realize that we will generally have to fight much harder to get where we want to be. The desire to transform various worldviews is led by a female voice that stands out amongst the chaos, confusion, and she refuses to hold back.

Back UP! What exactly are healthy boundaries?​

Often when boundaries are the subject of discussion, their meaning and purpose get lost within misconceptions of those charged with respecting them. People often become offended by the set of principles they have created in an effort to keep themselves mentally and emotionally sound.

The Board Room, Sales, Marketing & Business Development​

Have you ever wondered why there are so many departments in large companies (Legal, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Business Development, and Operations)? It’s because each of them plays a distinct role in the company’s success while trying to accomplish the same organizational goals. Each department is responsible for specific tasks and has unique expertise in their respective disciplines.

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